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Ningfang group successfully developed a new fabric that is hygroscopic, sweat wicking and easy to decontaminate.

recently, 40/2 was jointly developed by the printing and dyeing technology center of Hebei Ningfang group and the new product development department × 10、128 × 68 cotton half thread card is hygroscopic, sweat wicking and easy to decontaminate, and the new product sample is successfully finished

"hygroscopic, sweat wicking and easy to decontaminate" fabrics refer to fabrics with water absorption, quick drying and water repellency. Generally speaking, the moisture absorption and perspiration finishing requires the fabric to have good hydrophilicity, while the decontamination finishing requires 3 Spring diameter: 150mm; The fabric has good water repellency. It is difficult for both natural and synthetic fibers to have these three properties. This fabric can show good water repellency in water medium and good hydrophilicity in air medium. We have experienced the production of experimental machines for so many years, which is not easy

according to the introduction, "moisture absorption, perspiration and easy decontamination" fabrics can be widely used in high-end suits, sportswear, casual wear, underwear, gloves, hats and other aspects, and the market prospect is broad. The technician of the printing and dyeing technology center said that after repeated tests, the production process of this fabric has become mature and will be mass produced

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