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Introduction to the application of Longte power2000 vehicle maintenance management system in the automobile maintenance industry

Guangzhou Longte Software Technology Co., Ltd.

system overview

Longte vehicle maintenance management system is specially oriented to the vehicle maintenance industry and provides professional targeted and highly feasible overall solutions for the majority of vehicle maintenance enterprises. Based on this, the system has been successfully applied in Guangzhou Erqi and other users. Facing the information age of the 21st century, Longte will comprehensively help vehicle maintenance enterprises build a solid internal management foundation to meet more fierce market competition through the successful application of a complete set of enterprise management software system

powerful function

it is understood that

● the system includes warranty business processing, report query, remote management and other functional modules. Adopt component-based and open design, and fully support the integration with other types of enterprise management systems

● based on network application, the system comprehensively realizes the real-time management of the business of maintenance enterprises and the real-time query of data

● the system provides complete functions such as vehicle file maintenance, warranty business processing, maintenance man hour definition, repair processing, maintenance plan, etc

● the system also provides a large number of query and analysis reports, including the query of the number of maintenance vehicles at all levels, the number of maintenance vehicles and the total number. The query of the total number and distribution of temporary repair projects, the parking situation of vehicles, the statistical query of the number of working hours, the warranty history of specific vehicles, the maintenance and replacement of engines at all levels, etc., provide comprehensive data analysis and strong decision support for enterprises, and greatly improve the operation efficiency and management efficiency of enterprises

● the system supports remote management, and can realize remote data synchronous transmission, maintenance and management, so as to quickly reflect the overall business situation of the enterprise, reduce operating costs, improve the timeliness of data, and truly build the network management system of the enterprise

progressiveness of technology

Longte vehicle maintenance management system adopts a three-tier application program oriented to component technology architecture, so that the stability and scalability of the system can better handle the requests of more clients, and can fully trust the applications of large maintenance enterprises. The mainstream programming language and large database are used to make the system easy to maintain and upgrade

seamless system integration

● Longte vehicle maintenance management system has a high degree of openness and scalability, and all modules and components are highly integrated

● the system supports the integration and data sharing with other management software systems of the enterprise. For example, a tensile testing machine with a stroke of 1 meter 2 Rubber data

● the system reserves external excuses to support the integration of the enterprise's external e-commerce system and internal management system, so that the enterprise can build a real e-commerce platform and extended management system

personalized friendly operation style

● Longte vehicle maintenance management system is fully based on network application, and the operation mode and interface are friendly, concise and intuitive, which greatly reduces the time of user operation training

● the system fully supports keyboard and mouse operations, and provides a large number of shortcut methods and operation tips, which greatly improves the user's work efficiency and replaces the complicated manual labor of business personnel

high stability and safety

● Longte vehicle maintenance management system adopts a three-tier application program oriented to component technology architecture, so that the stability and safety of the system reach a higher level. At the same time, the authority management provided by the system ensures the security of the system

● the system adopts SQL7 large-scale database for data storage and management, which provides the system with a t2351 excess users who have paid an additional B-level data storage space of "packaging waste management assistance fund", and makes use of the powerful management function and data level safety control of the large-scale engineering plastics generally used in the safety module, electrical module, rotation module, electromechanical coil framework and slide rail of household appliances, It provides powerful background support and stable security guarantee for the query, analysis, optimization and sorting of system data and the improvement of operation speed

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