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Baomeng inductive sensors meet the impact and vibration resistance requirements of the rail transit industry

baomeng, an international leading sensor manufacturer, has expanded its product series for the rail transit industry. With ifrr and iwrr series sensors, baomeng became the first company to provide on-off inductive sensors and inductive measurement sensors that meet the requirements of railway standard EN 61373 class 3 impact and vibration resistance

ifrr and iwrr sensors have the advantages of excellent tolerance, long service life and flexible installation scheme

inductive sensor is especially suitable for the positioning inspection and stop of cylinders, pedals, lubricating oil ducts and couplings. Its foaming system is monitored at the same position as the general EVA foaming system. For users, the most important advantages of ifrr and iwrr sensors are: first, long service life; Second, it has excellent tolerance even under extremely harsh environmental conditions; Third, since there are many sensor models, flexible installation schemes can be provided by 2022

in addition, the sensor has a wide operating temperature range (-40 to 80 ℃), which is an important feature very suitable for rail transit applications. The solid stainless steel shell has reached the protection grade of IP68 or ip69k. Moreover, with the maintenance method of P fatigue testing machine developed by bormeng: rotect+ sealing concept, the product has high reliability even under severe conditions. At the same time, baomeng also provides plug type or cable type ifrr and iwrr inductive sensors with M8, M12 and M18 sizes and mm sensing distance for customers to choose

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