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How can the magic spell of winning the bid at the lowest price, which makes the wind power industry swallow its own bitter fruit, be broken

recently, the Ministry of Finance issued the Ministry of Finance Order No. 87 "measures for the administration of bidding for government procurement of goods and services", which revised the original "measures for the administration of bidding for government procurement of goods and services", and the revised new measures will be implemented from October 1

according to the new method, if the bid evaluation committee believes that the bidder's quotation is significantly lower than that of other bidders who have passed the compliance review, and the bidder cannot prove the rationality of its quotation, the bid evaluation committee shall treat it as an invalid bid. This means that the phenomenon of winning the bid at the lowest price, which is jokingly known as "starving peers, exhausting themselves, and killing owners", will be further away

at the initial stage of its development, the domestic wind power industry also suffered from the trouble of winning the bid at the lowest price, and paid a heavy price for this. Today, there are still occasional low bids. How to steadily reduce the cost of wind power per kilowatt hour, while avoiding the disruption of market order caused by the lowest bid winning, and how to balance the two is worth pondering in the wind power industry

the scar of low-cost competition is still on

a relevant person of a state-owned development enterprise told that the Ministry of finance order 87 was mainly aimed at the restrictions made by the bidding in the field of government procurement. However, this policy is of wind vane significance. In the future, in enterprise procurement, it may also refer to the requirements of government procurement to make new specifications for bidding

winning the bid at the lowest price once made China's wind power industry swallow the bitter fruit. This machine can test rubber, plastic, leather, metal, nylon thread, fabric, paper, aviation, packaging, construction, vehicles and other materials in 2012. The cold winter of the year is still vivid to many people

Yang Xiaosheng, chairman of the wind energy equipment branch of the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, recalled that the main reason for the cold winter in the market was irregular, unfair and excessive low-cost competition. Under the pressure of market competition, machine manufacturers have been competing at low prices. The price per kilowatt fell sharply from more than 6000 yuan in 2008 to more than 3000 yuan in 2012. Machine manufacturers lack reasonable profit space, and there is no way to talk about technology investment and sound development

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's offshore wind power development was at a standstill stage, missed an industrial opportunity period, and was also inseparable from the lowest bid winning in the offshore wind power concession bidding at that time

in October 2010, China announced the results of the first round of bid winning of offshore wind power concessions. The bid winning prices of the four projects were lower than the later formulated offshore wind power benchmark price of 0.85 yuan/kWh, which was far lower than the final price of 0.978 yuan/kWh determined by the Shanghai Donghai Bridge offshore wind power demonstration project

an experienced person told that the investment cost of offshore wind power is more than twice that of onshore wind power. The bid winning price of the first round of offshore wind power concession project is close to the onshore wind power price, and there is little possibility of profit. After the developer got the project resources, it could not be developed because of economic problems for many years. This has directly led to the serious stagnation of the development of offshore wind power in China during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, and the established installation target has not been achieved

gradually enter the stage of technological competition

an industry observer told that China's wind power industry is growing with low-cost competition. However, some consequences have not been fully revealed

"on the one hand, some low-cost bids in order to seize the market and ignore the cost leave great hidden dangers to the construction safety and project quality, which will lead to a series of follow-up problems such as contract disputes." The source said, "on the other hand, not comparing quality, but only comparing price, has also hindered industrial technological innovation and transformation and upgrading, resulting in the phenomenon that bad money drives out good money. Over time, it will affect the enthusiasm of innovation and research and development of the whole industry."

however, with the rise of the concept of full life cycle kwh cost, changes are taking place. Under this conceptual system, developers should not only calculate the initial cost of equipment procurement, but also calculate the operation and maintenance cost and other costs within the 20-year life cycle of the wind farm. This means that the low-cost equipment used in the initial stage of the project, if there is a gap in performance and reliability, will cause the project to invest huge operation and maintenance costs in the subsequent operation cycle

the rise of offshore wind power in recent years has also shifted the balance of economic and reliability choices for enterprises

"offshore wind power has higher requirements on the reliability of equipment, and all owner units are more cautious. When purchasing fans and supporting parts, they prefer to choose brands with high prices but good operation performance." The relevant person in charge of an offshore wind power project in Jiangsu told

some insiders have divided the competition in the wind power market into three stages:

the first stage is the price competition stage, which has basically passed. As a result, some enterprises fall behind in the price competition, and the industry gradually moves towards integration and concentration

the second stage is the stage of quality competition. High quality and excellent products and manufacturers gain more and more market share in the market and have better and better development opportunities

the third stage is the stage of technology competition. At this stage, the manufacturers with technical strength, core technology and technical background will finally win in the industry

after going through the fierce price war competition stage, China's wind power industry seems to have entered the stage of quality competition and technology competition

the fault is not the low price

however, as an emerging industry that meets the requirements of PE double arm bellows, winding pipes and various pipe standards, the wind power industry is very different from the traditional mature industry. For an industry that still relies on financial subsidies for survival, a major task at present is to reduce costs. The falling benchmark electricity price has put pressure on the wind power industry. This pressure will inevitably be transmitted to every link of the wind power industry

wind power developers hope to purchase high-quality and low-cost units, and complete machine manufacturers need to stand out in the fierce market competition. For winning the bid at the lowest price, developers and machine manufacturers have their own difficulties. China's wind power industry, which has entered the stage of quality competition and technology competition, does not mean that it is completely away from winning the bid at the lowest price

"with the development of low wind speed wind power in the south, the wind turbine needs to increase the tower and lengthen the blades, and the technical improvement and insulation design need to consider the condensation weather. These details have increased the cost of the wind turbine to a certain extent. However, in the face of fierce market competition, our unit quotation is not only not rising because of these additional inputs, but also declining." A person in charge of the whole machine manufacturer said to

an industry insider told that it would be good to encourage the price reduction achieved through technological innovation. There is not an inevitable link between low price and low quality. The key is to do a good job in quality supervision. On the one hand, the tenderee should effectively implement it and avoid sacrificing product quality. (1) seek to win the bid at a low price according to the technical requirements of the spring; On the other hand, the administrative supervision department should do its duty to supervise the quality of projects and products in a timely and effective manner, so that the enterprises that win the bid at a malicious low price will lose their living space

"low price is not the fault, but the fault lies in inadequate supervision." The person said, "we need to adopt a system design or establish a system to avoid the hidden dangers of the industry caused by winning the bid at the lowest price and the phenomenon that bad currencies expel good currencies."

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