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On July 4, China Environment News reported our research and investigated the impact of adding GNP and carbon nanotubes on resin. Wang Guoping, director of Henan Environmental Protection Bureau, personally led a team to conduct a surprise inspection on the environmental pollution of Huaxian paper mill in Henan Province. After the report was published, there was a great response in Hua county. Under the personal organization of Li Mingfang, the Secretary of the county Party committee, and Huang Daogong, the county head, Hua county immediately established a special treatment task force for the prevention and control of water pollution in the paper industry. Up to now, all 17 paper-making enterprises in Huaxian have been shut down for treatment. The legal representatives of Xinhua Paper Mill and Huaxian Paper Co., Ltd., two "leading" papermaking enterprises, have been suspended for inspection. The heads of the pollution treatment plants of the two enterprises have been 5. Check whether the pull rod, screw and guide rail are roughened, and have been dismissed, dismissed and retained for probation

Huaxian County in Henan Province is a large paper-making County, with a total of 17 paper-making enterprises, and some enterprises violate the law and exceed the discharge phenomenon from time to time. On June 25, the two "leading" paper-making enterprises in Hua county exceeded the standard and were found on the spot when Wang Guoping, director of Henan Environmental Protection Bureau, personally led a team to conduct a surprise investigation. Subsequently, the county Party committee and county government held continuous meetings to seriously find out the problems of high-performance functional materials such as high-performance catalytic materials, and thoroughly eradicate paper-making pollution

at the same time, the Environmental Protection Bureau of Hua county also strengthened law enforcement and supervision, and inspected 17 paper-making enterprises in the county one by one to strictly control them. The bureau is divided into five special steering groups for water pollution control, and went to 17 paper-making enterprises and 100 ton/day alkali recovery projects to help with rectification. Those who cannot continuously and stably meet the discharge standards are not allowed to start production. We will resolutely shut down and ban the "fifteen small" and "new five small" enterprises such as "small paper making", "small chemical industry" and so on, which are seriously polluted

Huaxian county also installed monitors for heavily polluting enterprises, especially alkali paper-making enterprises, and took measures such as implementing the "integral" system of environmental violations punishment and carrying out the "publicity system of enterprise environmental behavior" to effectively strengthen the supervision of the discharge of heavy polluting enterprises

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