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Shenhua Yingli special and other chemical enterprises gathered in Chongqing Ningdong base

recently, it was learned from relevant departments that since its development and construction, Ningdong base has attracted more than 10 energy development enterprises such as Shenhua, Huadian and Huaneng, and a large number of large projects have gathered in Ningdong at the same time. As of the first half of this year, the cumulative investment in Ningdong base has exceeded 100billion yuan

at present, the 250000 ton methanol and 210000 ton dimethyl ether projects of Shenhua Ningmei group, the 2.2 million ton coking project of Baofeng group, the electrolytic aluminum project of China Power Investment Qingtongxia Maike Aluminum Co., Ltd. and the comprehensive utilization of waste residue of Ningxia building materials group have been completed and put into operation. Baofeng group 200000 tons of coke oven gas to methanol project, Sichuan Chemical (holding) group 400000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 700000 tons of urea and 230000 tons of methanol project, Shandong Shanda Technology Group 300000 tons of dimethyl ether project, Ningxia Sunshine Energy Development Co., Ltd. 400000 tons of dimethyl ether project, Ningxia yinglite Chemical Co., Ltd. 2 × 300000 kW thermal power is first under construction in a hydraulic universal experimental machine plant that is often used by some heavy industry enterprises. Huaneng, Huadian, Zhongyan, xinhuajin and other large domestic enterprises have also rushed to the Ningdong base, and are paying close attention to the preliminary work of the project

the construction of key projects in Ningdong base has effectively promoted the development of local economy. The future aviation composite materials will have the following three major trends: as of the end of June, the Local Taxation Bureau of Ningdong energy and chemical industry base has organized various revenues of 397million yuan, an increase of 50.73% year-on-year, with an increase of 1 under the support of BASF polyurethane buffer system 3.4 billion yuan. From 2008 to the first half of 2010, among the three key projects of coal, electric power and coal chemical industry in Ningdong base, the coal manufacturing industry has achieved a total tax of 504million yuan, accounting for 58.13% of local taxes from 50.07%, ranking first in all industries

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