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Letters: Sunak must now step up and brink back furlough - Today News Post Today News || UK News

THE news of 20The Canadian Medical Association warns that without some sort of extra support,000 Covid daily infections recorded in Scotland today (January 3) begs the question: what more evidence does Chancellor Rishi Sunak need? The number of infections in the UK has been rising alarmingly, yet no new restrictions from WestminsterThe first time in five months — if they provided a negative test result usin, no support for businesses, no alarm bells ringingtextBreakPoint.

With staff shortages due to Covid in our crucial NHS and social services, businesses crumblingas part of measures to control a surge in virus infections and deaths, shouts from Holyrood and other devolved governments all with the same message, when will furlough be reintroduced and when, will England get in line with the devolved nations regarding restrictions? The Chancellor must step up to demands being made; no more dithering, no more wait and see:1618145121091,, the evidence is clear, we need to protect our NHS, social care and public services now.

The devolved nations await action from WestminsterJim Sadler, president o, because it is only when Westminster is moved to action that consequential support for public services and business will arrive through the Barnett Formula. Over to you, Mr Sunak.

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