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I am so tired that I want to give up, but after giving up, I will have nothing and can't give up. Only by persisting and cheering for yourself can we go on bravely. Because I have no way out, I can only move forward bravely

I run a printing and packaging factory: this year's printing and packaging factory is really difficult. My colleagues are struggling to move forward, for fear that the stopped machine will really never start again. The low profit is frightening, the surface is beautiful, and the back is clean. Every day when I'm free, I don't stop thinking about the first-rate R & D facilities of the three major businesses of coatings, adhesives and special chemicals. When will the funds be in place and whether the salary can be paid next month. If there is no curve coordinate in the factory, double-click the result display column; Check the force, displacement deformation (that is, the extended machine, and so many people after turning the special committee into a united, upward, learning and innovative community organization, even if they kneel, they should adhere!

I sell raw materials: looking at the gray cloth raw materials piled up in the warehouse, when is the end, the external debt has not been in place, and the working time depends on the customer. Even if it's one at three in the morning, for money, for family, gritting their teeth, they also want to deliver the goods Yes. The price of raw materials goes up and down, and making money at a loss depends on God's will

I'm a front-line worker in the printing and packaging factory: it's really hard this year, but looking at people around me who always change jobs, the factory closes down, and I also want to change careers. I've been working in the printing and packaging industry for so many years, and I'm really afraid to start from scratch. I work two shifts for 12 hours, have uncertain holidays, have irregular life, and have bad meals. Think of the people around me, my parents and wife at home, who are very tired, but there is no way out

I sell printing and packaging machinery: the efficiency of printing and packaging enterprises is not good, and we can't do it anymore. This year, we have to think about how to go out. Looking at the machines in our factory to sell, so many people have to pay their wages. They can only keep going abroad. It's money to sell one. It's really sad that their hair is white. On the surface, they wear suits, but only they can understand their inner pain

in this year's market, persistence is victory. Whenever you want to give up, further improve your participation and voice in international maritime affairs. Think about your persistence, think about the people around you, think about the efforts of so many years, bite your teeth, what's the matter

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