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Netzsch new accelerated adiabatic calorimeter arc press conference held

on December 2, 2009, Netzsch successfully held the "new product press conference of Netzsch new accelerated adiabatic calorimeter" at Holiday Inn Shanghai Plaza. Many universities and research institutions from East China University of science and technology, Shanghai Silicate Research Institute, Institute of forestry and chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other universities and research institutions attended the meeting, which established a good start for the further promotion of Netzsch adiabatic heat new products

at this meeting, Netzsch specially invited the headquarters expert umm to make a special report. Umm not only comprehensively introduced the application background of the new adiabatic calorimeter, but also deeply analyzed the principle of the instrument. Most importantly, umm introduced a large number of practical application examples, such as how to simulate the safety control of the acceleration calorimeter in the actual chemical process, the application in the battery field Application of safety control in the process of fire, etc. These contents aroused the strong interest of the participants, and the atmosphere was extremely warm

after the meeting, everyone made preparations for the upcoming fuel test and said that they had a relatively complete understanding of the accelerated adiabatic calorimeter that when there is little oil and bubbles, the mailbox of the experimental machine is short of oil, which broadened their horizons, expanded their research ideas, and was very helpful for future research work. In particular, the multi modular 2) gate design adiabatic calorimeter mmc274, which is newly developed by Netzsch, integrates the advantages of DSC and arc. It has a wide range of applications and is believed to attract the attention of many researchers. The mild interface

conference left a deep impression on the majority of customers, and everyone felt that this was a very rare learning opportunity. Netzsch will hold such meetings as many as possible in the future, and strive to provide users with more platforms for communication and learning

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