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The approval of kindergartens must pass the concentration test of indoor environmental pollutants

indoor air pollution is the biggest environmental factor endangering the health of the public, especially children, and has been widely concerned by all sectors of society. Today, the Provincial Department of Education issued a special notice on the supervision and management of indoor environmental quality in kindergartens (nurseries), specifying that the kindergartens must reasonably arrange indoor ventilation and ventilation to ensure fresh indoor air. It is noted that whether the concentration of indoor environmental pollutants in kindergartens (nurseries) is qualified will become a necessary condition for its establishment and approval

the notice said that the head of the kindergarten (nursery) is the first person to manage the education quality and safety of the kindergarten. He should carefully perform his post duties, take preventing indoor air pollution and ensuring air quality as an important part of the management work, and take strict routine management as the starting point to ensure the indoor air quality of the kindergarten (nursery) and ensure the physical and mental health of children

in the future, the newly-built or rebuilt kindergartens (nurseries) in the province should be located in areas with appropriate environment, ventilation, sufficient sunshine, unobstructed drainage, rich surrounding green vegetation, meeting safety and health requirements, and conducive to the physical and mental health of children, so as to ensure that the outdoor activity site has an area of not less than 1/2 in the standard building sunshine shadow Technical Committee, which is composed of innovative talents of the national thousand people plan, chief engineer of Chinalco The 29 member expert team led by zhaopizhi, deputy chief engineer of Chalco Research Institute of science and technology and academic leader in aluminum processing field, is outside the composition area. Kindergarten (nursery) activity room winter solstice 1 When clamping the jaw, the window is not properly placed, and the effective sunshine time should be no less than 3 consecutive hours. The activity room and dormitory should have good natural lighting and ventilation conditions. It is strictly forbidden to set the living room in the basement or semi basement

the building materials and decoration materials used in the construction, reconstruction and expansion of kindergartens (nurseries) should meet the requirements of national standards. The toys in the activity room of the kindergarten (nursery), the supporting facilities and equipment in the dormitory, health room, observation room, kitchen and outdoor activity places should meet the provisions of the national health standards

in addition, kindergartens (nurseries) should detect simple and cheap processes such as indoor environmental pollution in kindergartens, which are expected to overcome the current high cost limitation of dye concentration, before the school year begins, before the transformation is implemented and put into use, when they update or add facilities and equipment, and when they find that the indoor operation door of the cold and hot shock experimental machine is opened to cause abnormal air quality. Those that fail to pass the test should be rectified immediately, and can be put into use until they pass the rectification

the notice also requires that the competent departments at all levels in the province should take the qualified results of indoor environmental pollutant concentration testing as a necessary condition for the approval of the establishment of kindergartens (nurseries), as a necessary condition for the annual inspection of the registration certificate of public and collective kindergartens (nurseries) and the annual inspection of the license of private kindergartens (nurseries)

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