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The approval of new nuclear power plants will restart nuclear power construction to meet the peak. On July 3, Li Guanxing, chairman of the China Nuclear Association, said at the "25th International Nuclear Engineering Conference" that nuclear energy, as a clean, safe and efficient new energy, has become an important energy for the world to jointly promote low-carbon sustainable development. Li Guanxing said that nuclear energy in China has entered a new period of large-scale development. At present, there are 36 nuclear power units in use and 20 units under construction in Chinese Mainland, with a total installed capacity of about 56.935 million KW. By 2020, China's nuclear power operation and installed capacity under construction will reach 88million kW. During the "13th five year plan", China's nuclear industry will implement the advanced nuclear power generation represented by the demonstration fast reactor. In this way, a number of important projects such as the tear strength table project and the space nuclear power science and technology demonstration project can be obtained. Li Guanxing also said that as an important part of the world's nuclear energy development, China's nuclear energy industry has entered a new stage of development

the notice on the guidance on energy work in 2017 gives clear instructions on the development of coastal nuclear power, and for the first time clearly puts forward the goal of annual approval for the commencement and completion of construction, and the operation is relatively complex. The approval of the new nuclear power plant will be restarted in 2017, which is a high probability event. It is planned to start 8 units in 2017 to promote the preliminary work of the new 8 units. According to China's strategic action plan for energy development (2020), the installed capacity of nuclear power in operation and under construction in China will reach 88 million KW by 2020. It is expected that more than 30 units will be tendered by 2020. If calculated at 15 billion yuan per unit, the overall market space is nearly 500 billion yuan

in January this year, the UK officially approved the establishment of the "hualong-1" general design review, marking that China's third-generation nuclear power technology with independent intellectual property rights has really landed in the UK, the destination of the maritime Silk Road. CNNC said that more than 70 countries in the world have or are planning to develop nuclear power, including more than 40 countries along the "the Belt and Road", and more than a dozen countries are planning to develop nuclear power. It is estimated that by 2020, about 130 nuclear power units will be built worldwide, and by 2030, it is understood that this number will reach about 300, of which the "the Belt and Road" countries and surrounding countries will account for about 80% of the new units. China strives to build about 30 overseas units in countries along the "the Belt and Road" by 2030

our previous analysis pointed out that domestic nuclear power is sure to usher in a large-scale restart, and the "the Belt and Road" will enable nuclear power to "go global" and continue to accelerate directly through thermal oxygen degradation. We believe that relevant equipment suppliers will benefit from the double peaks of nuclear power construction at home and abroad, and we suggest paying attention to leading enterprises: China nuclear power construction, China nuclear power, Jiangsu Shentong and Taiwan nuclear power

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