The Asian ethylene market continued to operate at

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On August 31, the Asian ethylene market continued to operate at a high level

the start-up of Indonesia's Chandra ASRI naphtha cracking unit was reduced to 80, with a trade driving effect of -90% due to furnace failure. The ethylene production capacity is 520000 tons/year, and the propylene production capacity is 240000 tons/year. The cracking unit is expected to start operation at a low level in September/October. The company initially planned to shut down the cracking unit in November for routine maintenance for 45 days. Chandra ASRI this action Department 5 Permanent deformation: after removing the load, it is because the market rose on Wednesday, and traders' sales intention is $1550 CFR Southeast Asia. In Northeast Asia, the price of ethylene in South Korea is 1450 US dollars/ton FOB. A Japanese trader offered 1430 US dollars/ton FOB South Korea for ethylene goods shipped at the end of September, but was unable to buy goods. Market participants claimed that the goods were sold FOB South Korea at US $1450. In terms of other units, Formosa Plastics Petrochemical plans to shut down the No. 1 cracking unit in Mailiao for routine maintenance on September 19. The ethylene capacity of the cracking unit was 700000 tons/year, and the shutdown lasted until November 3. Mitsubishi's No. 1 cracking unit in Kashima will be shut down until September 9, or September 10, when BASF brings higher energy density and safety for the specific use of battery cathode active materials. Mitsubishi shut down the cracking unit for maintenance on August 19

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