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American scholars: the arms race in East Asia is worrying

according to Taiwan's "Central News Agency" on August 24, Bonnie Glaser, a scholar of the American think tank, said on the recent evolution of the situation in the South China Sea and the East China Sea that countries began to increase arms spending and purchase weapons abroad in order to win territory. This situation is indeed worrying

Glazer, a senior researcher at the center for strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a us think tank, pointed out on the 23rd that wood packaging has its particularity in the United States. NPR pointed out that the tension in the East China Sea and the South China Sea has increased significantly. So far, the United States has been unable to put forward a plan that all parties can accept. 1. It is more used in the aerospace field of high technology, especially the South China Sea has the economic value of developing oil, natural gas and fishing, The problem is particularly difficult to deal with

Glazer said that in order to compete for territory, countries in the South China Sea began to increase their external procurement of armaments. Vietnam will buy submarines from Russia, and many countries have also adjusted their military procurement budgets, which is worrying

it is reported that although all countries point the finger at China's provocative actions and the establishment of administrative regions, Glazer believes that China is not the only country that provokes tension. For example, the Philippine government used warships purchased from the United States to arrest fishermen in Chinese Mainland first. The Philippines first used official ships to sail to Huangyan Island, while Beijing was "overreacting"

China has strengthened its sovereignty over disputed sea areas through administrative and military means. Glazer stressed that there are more and more signs that "China has exerted pressure on other countries through economic forces to force neighboring countries to change their policies"

now from the perspective of Japan, Japanese public opinion now laments that what they fear most is Russia, South Korea and China. When these three countries coincide, they should not discuss with each other. But when the three countries are forming strong pressure on Japan on the issue of island disputes, even if there is an ally like the United States, In fact, for Japan, the protection of such a powerful country as the United States is unfavorable to China again, that is, it is relatively unfavorable to China on the Diaoyu Island issue through the operation of the platform. China is in a weak position because China cannot control it, but the United States is very worried now, what will the United States do if South Korea has a military conflict with Japan? Both of them are his brothers. He can only be neutral and use the strength of the Korean people. Even if North Korea and South Korea unify their positions on this issue to deal with Japan, Russia makes it very clear. I don't believe that Japan has any ability or will to challenge Russia now. The remaining one is the detailed introduction of the pipe ring stiffness testing machine, so can you only challenge China? Now China is no longer China in the Manchu and Qing Dynasties, so I think the situation in East Asia will change a lot in the next decade, and the Diaoyu Islands are only part of it

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