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"New species" are coming, overturning the traditional call center. In the era of AI, call centers will usher in new species As a pilot enterprise of the top 100 national innovative enterprises project,

on April 15, 2017, the marketing alliance ushered in its second offline activity with the theme of: the subversion of intelligent robots and intelligent platforms - and new opportunities and challenges for smart customer centers

Mr. Robert, the initiator of marketing alliance, first explained some of his new ideas and new layout in the field of call center

around the new generation of call centers, four big players in the industry brought their research and dry goods sharing in their respective fields

the era of intelligence has come, and the field of mobile Internet has entered various industries, and there will be higher requirements for intelligence. Mr. Li Wei, the founder of Guangzhou youfuou Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., explained the revolutionary changes that will take place in the call center in the future. Facing such a huge intelligent market, intelligent customer service robots will come to the call center

under the fierce competition in today's market, almost every call center is suffering from high concurrent calls. There are thousands of recordings every day, and the traditional manual quality inspection method will face great challenges. Automatic quality inspection will solve these problems to a great extent. For this reason, Mr. Peng Minxi, co-founder of Shenzhen Zhongcheng ICT company, gave us an authoritative answer

the proposal of automatic quality inspection scheme aroused the resonance of on-site experts, and they also had a heated discussion on the technical problems

smart customer center, the monitoring coverage of the system, the timeliness of response, and the initiative of security protection will become the key factors that affect and improve the quality of customer service. Mr. Tianhai, general manager of Huasheng Xintai customer service center, deeply analyzed how to realize the efficient, low-cost and accurate operation and maintenance of the call center system from the bottom technology

At the end of the activity, Mr. Xu Chen, vice president of Beijing Blue Ocean Smart Technology Co., Ltd., shared with us typical cases in the field of call center, based on the whole process link of business acceptance, business operation and business execution, to achieve controllable process, visible operation and performance, and refined data management

in this event, we also launched an online live broadcast to facilitate allies who did not come to the event to watch the whole process

I believe that through the efforts of our allies together, according to incomplete statistics of GGII, our activities will become more and more exciting. The purpose of marketing alliance: everyone participates, and everyone should create value with value creators

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