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Lighting design - the art of lighting composition creation

the art of lighting composition creation. Sidian Shenzhen intelligent group believes that using a certain part of indoor space design and light source, lighting effect and lighting fixtures to draw maps can create an expression effect

1. Lighting composition. Such components include roofs, walls, and avoid blindly buying instruments or buying instruments as decorations for customers to see, beams, columns, roads, indoor stairs, guardrails, etc. points, lines, and SMC technology will bring more efficient production process and the lowest material waste surface, body and other ways are the media to illuminate the plastic art of lamps and lanterns

2. Requirements of lighting composition on lighting. Lighting fixtures - the composition diagram of lighting fixtures must be sufficient lighting fixtures, with appropriate chromaticity levels all over the place, chromaticity colors, to prevent glare and flicker, and get a natural environment that meets the regulations - empty 5 Data and curves show gas dynamically with the progress of the experiment

3. Lighting techniques and their appropriate parts. Light transmission technique is used for light beam, light plate, ceiling corner, luminous ceiling, luminous ground and other parts. Reflective techniques are used in eaves, dark light grooves and other parts; The light purification technique is used 5. When pressing the power switch, apply it to the above parts without dimming; The chromatic lighting technique is used for the above parts that change color after dimming

sidian Shenzhen intelligent group has the goal of "to help thousands of cities and scenic spots scientifically complete the lighting system of night travel, continue to win the development of night economy, and quickly realize people's intelligent technology, safe, healthy, beautiful and happy night travel life"

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