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Four development trends of packaging industry in 2005 (Part 2)

▲ packaging machinery tends to be intelligent

Shan Chunchang said that packaging machinery is a category with rapid development speed in China's packaging industry, and has developed into one of the top ten categories of China's machinery industry like food machinery

general development trend of packaging machinery: at present, the characteristics of packaging machinery tend to be "three highs" - high speed, high efficiency and high quality. The development focus tends to be low energy consumption, light weight, compact structure, small floor space, high efficiency, and the appearance shape adapts to the environment and the psychological needs of operators, environmental protection needs, etc

the development trend of foreign packaging machinery is that it reflects the high and new technology of modern and advanced packaging machinery, especially the packaging machinery and equipment produced in Europe, America, Japan and other countries with developed science, technology and economy. With the development of science, technology and commodity economy, its technology has been in an international leading position. In recent years, developed countries, on the one hand, in order to meet the diversified needs of modern commodity packaging, develop multi variety and small batch general packaging technology and equipment, while keeping up with the pace of high-tech development, continue to apply advanced technology, develop and apply high-tech modern special-purpose packaging machinery. The new technologies applied include aerospace industry technology (heat pipe), microelectronics technology, magnetic technology, information processing technology, sensing technology (photoelectric and chemical), laser technology, biotechnology and new processing technology, new mechanical component structure (such as conical synchronous toothed belt drive), new optical fiber materials, etc. dbj/t01 (5) 0 (2) 002 "technical specification for construction of external wall external insulation flexible water-resistant putty", Make a variety of packaging machinery tend to be intelligent

the development trend of domestic packaging institutions is that on the basis of introduction, digestion and absorption, there are certain innovations, and the scientific and technological content of products is also constantly improving. These packaging machinery products are developing in the direction of electromechanical combination, combination of main and auxiliary machines, and complete wiring. There are some problems in the development of packaging machinery products in China, mainly how to face the competition of foreign enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises, how to improve the level of "three modernizations" of products according to China's national conditions, how to achieve high-speed work, diversification of packaging product specifications, improve reliability, and how to make food and drug packaging machinery sterile; On the premise of improving the service performance and reliability of packaging machinery products, we should move towards mechatronics and computerization of control; Using advanced design methods such as reliability design, optimization design and computer-aided design, develop advanced machinery and components (parts) such as combined and modular, and improve the process level and "three modernizations" level of products; At the same time, combined with the international quality system, vigorously develop various automatic testing technologies and equipment supporting packaging machinery. At present, compared with the advanced developed countries in terms of packaging machinery, many enterprises can not reach this benchmark. There are still gaps in some processing technologies and components, and some key materials can not meet the requirements. Therefore, this aspect will be the key breakthrough and solution in the field of packaging machinery in China in the future

▲ packaging materials tend to be soluble

vice president Shan believes that the quality of packaging depends largely on the performance of packaging materials. Without good packaging materials, there can be no good packaging products. New packaging materials and new packaging technology are the primary pursuit of packaging enterprises or research institutes. Now many new products and processes must be matched with new packaging materials to achieve good packaging effects

based on environmental protection requirements, packaging materials that pollute the environment and are not conducive to environmental protection need to be updated. New packaging materials are being developed, and some have achieved initial results, mainly in the following categories:

first, plastic packaging represented by EPS fast food boxes will be replaced by new paper packaging. Many places that slowly open the oil delivery valve produce a one-piece overall structure. Due to the harm of plastic packaging waste, plastic packaging such as EPS fast-food boxes, which are used in large quantities and difficult to recycle and treat, has been limited, and the state has issued documents to list them as key packaging products to be replaced. The new packaging made of pulp and plant fiber came into being and was listed as one of the key promotion projects by the state. EPS packaging products replaced also include EPPL packaging liners

second, plastic bag packaging materials are developing towards soluble and pollution-free materials. Many cities have banned the use of ultra-thin plastic bags (packaging), so plastic packaging materials that do not pollute the environment need to be studied and developed, such as composite plastic films in composite materials, various surface coatings, etc

the research on some new materials that can replace the existing plastic packaging materials has made progress, such as water-soluble plastic films and other degradable plastic films have been applied, especially some foreign enterprises are targeting the huge market in China. For example, some Japanese enterprises began to seek partners in China to establish joint ventures to produce soluble plastic films

third, wood packaging is seeking alternative packaging materials. As the United States and other western countries have restricted the export of China's products on the pretext of finding "longicorn" in the wood packaging of China's export products, all products packaged in wood must be subject to complex special treatment or replaced with other materials. Due to the cost price and other problems, even using heavy corrugated boxes is not competent. Therefore, at present, China has been tackling key problems, and honeycomb cardboard boxes are recommended to replace them, but the problems of gravity and handling strength that the packaging boxes can bear must be solved

many new packaging technologies are based on new packaging thinking. The new thinking of packaging is to transcend the existing packaging technology and products, and apply the combination of other related technologies to packaging to form a new packaging technology. There are several kinds of technologies in this field:

packaging curing technology - the renewal of curing and drying energy, from heat to light; Packaging cutting and forming technology - new cutting and forming instruments; Packaging and processing combined technology - packaging and processing combined; Packaging function borrows technology - packaging function exceeds packaging and has value-added effect; Packaging function protection technology - add functional ingredients such as fresh-keeping, sterilization, moisture-proof, anti-static, anti odor, etc. to the packaging materials

in addition to the above five aspects, there are other technologies, such as the packaging technology of fresh goods (packaging of living packaging). In addition, with the emergence of new packaging materials, some technologies in the packaging process have also changed. For example, the appearance of self drying stretch wrapping film makes the wrapping, shrinking, binding and other processes integrated, and the operation is simplified and fast

the most promising technology mentioned above is the combination of packaging and processing. It solves many treatment processes, directly borrows the packaging mechanism, realizes the integration of packaging and processing, and makes packaging more potential and effective

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