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The research and development of a 1000 ton biomass gasification to dimethyl ether system achieved phased results

the National 863 project "development of a pilot system for biomass gasification to dimethyl ether" (No.: 2009aa05z434), undertaken by the Guangzhou Institute of energy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, passed the acceptance on December 5

biomass gasification to dimethyl ether technology is a process integration that uses the method of biomass thermochemical conversion to gasify biomass with oxygen enrichment to produce crude gas, and the syngas after reforming and purification catalyzes the synthesis of liquid fuel under certain pressure and temperature. The key technologies of biomass compound gasification process, one-step dimethyl ether synthesis catalyst, crude gas reforming and high-temperature dust removal process, synthesis process optimization and so on are studied in this paper; The development of biomass mixed flow fixed bed gasifier and biomass fluidized bed composite gasifier has entered the stage of industrial production; The pilot system of biomass gasification to dimethyl ether with a scale of 1000 tons/year can also reduce the room temperature to below zero ℃ for the experimental system of thick ice and snow roads, realizing the continuous and stable trial operation of the system. During the operation of the system, the biomass composite gasification efficiency reached 82.6%, and the CO conversion rate of one-step dimethyl ether synthesis reached 70.15%. According to the operating parameters of the kiloton system, the development of a 10000 ton biomass gasification to dimethyl ether process package was completed

the successful operation of the pilot scale system of 1000 ton biomass gasification to dimethyl ether marks that the biomass gasification with China's independent intellectual property rights has also been recognized by foreign enterprises, and the dimethyl ether technology has initially met the conditions for industrialization, which plays a positive role in promoting the high-end development of biomass chemical industry

this project was officially launched in 2009, and was supported by the important directional project of knowledge innovation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the international cooperation project of the Ministry of science and technology. The subject has published 10 papers and applied for one international invention patent. In this way, China can reduce the investment cost, obtain five invention patents and one utility model authorization. The complete set of technology has independent intellectual property rights

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