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Research and development status of military stealth paint

research and development status of military stealth paint

March 24, 2004

stealth technology is one of the hottest military technologies today, and stealth paint technology is the easiest to realize

, and the effect of refitting old equipment with it is also obvious. Otherwise, the refrigeration compressor will be damaged Many countries and regions are committed to the research of stealth coating technology. It is estimated that the output value will reach 21.8 billion yuan in 2018. Stealth coatings are mainly divided into anti radar, anti infrared, anti visible light coatings, etc. at present, countries still focus on radar stealth absorbing coatings

radar stealth coating originated in Germany during World War II. In order to reduce the reflection of high-rise buildings on radar waves and reduce the resolution of

small radars, the Germans developed a coating that can absorb radar waves and cover the surface of buildings. Taking

has achieved certain results. In the 1980s, Americans first used stealth paint on combat aircraft on a large scale. The famous F-117 and B-2 stealth aircraft were covered with stealth paint. This coating contains a large amount of ferrite

powder material, which consumes the energy of radar wave by the rearrangement of its own free electrons. However, the shortcomings of ferrite stealth coating

are also obvious: the microwave absorption frequency band is relatively narrow, and when a single coating is broken, closing the oil valve only works on the radar wave of a specific frequency band; High environmental requirements for

require expensive air-conditioning hangars for stealth aircraft, which increases the logistics burden; Heavy weight will affect the maneuverability of

aircraft. Therefore, many countries have set their sights on the new generation of stealth paint

there are many kinds of new generation stealth coatings, mainly including the following

polycrystalline iron fiber stealth coating. Its absorption frequency bandwidth, low density and good absorption performance are said to have been used in French strategic missiles and American f/A-18E/F aircraft

conductive polymer stealth paint. The United States has developed a conductive polymer transparent absorbing coating. The absorbing material

is evenly distributed in the coating, and there is no need to increase the thickness to ensure the accuracy of the host, improve the frequency band width of the absorbing, which is particularly suitable for the stealth

refitting of old aircraft. In addition, this kind of absorbing coating is transparent, which is suitable for stealth of cockpit covers, missile transparent windows and electromagnetic

windows of night vision infrared devices

nano stealth paint. This is the most promising and potential microwave absorbing material at present, because nano materials have very large transmissivity and absorptivity to electric

magnetic waves. They can not only absorb radar waves, but also absorb visible light and infrared ray. The coating made of

it can escape radar reconnaissance in a wide frequency range, and also has infrared stealth effect. And

it also has the advantages of good compatibility, small quality and thin thickness

at present, stealth materials are developing in the direction of being compatible with meter wave, centimeter wave, millimeter wave, infrared, laser and other multi band

electromagnetic waves

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