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Research and implementation of condition based maintenance of substation equipment

building a modern power supply company with "strong electricity, excellent assets, high-quality service and excellent performance" is the need of enterprise development strategy. The proposal of the goal of "one strong and three excellent" puts forward higher requirements for the main equipment of electricity, which not only needs to realize safe and reliable operation, but also needs to maintain good health and equipment integrity, In order to achieve strong electricity and reliable power supply. Condition based maintenance is a preventive operation based on the state of the equipment. Today, with the development of electricity and the increasing requirements of users for reliability, condition based maintenance plays an irreplaceable role

carrying out condition based maintenance is mainly based on two considerations: one is to meet the requirements of improving reliability. The current preventive maintenance test work is arranged according to the spring inspection. Since spring is the beginning of the peak power consumption and the amount of test equipment is large, only the preventive maintenance work has a great impact on the reliability of power supply. If you add the engineering construction and the reliability decline caused by the accident in the report entitled "the weight reduction effect of high-performance plastics in the European automotive market", it is obviously difficult to meet the requirements of gradually improving the reliability. Second, the health condition of the equipment has been greatly improved compared with the previous situation. For example, it is expected that the spring inspection will be carried out in full accordance with the regulations at that time by 2017. Regardless of the state of the equipment, it will be repaired as long as it is due, which will not only increase the labor intensity on site, but also be not conducive to the health of the equipment, the reliability of power supply and personal safety. Only by carrying out maintenance according to the equipment status can the maintenance quality and efficiency of the equipment be improved and the purpose of ensuring system safety be achieved

2. Solution of condition based maintenance

the key to condition based maintenance is to grasp the state of the equipment. We need to start with the following links

2.1 grasp the initial state of the equipment

this link includes the design, ordering, construction and a series of processes before the equipment is put into operation. In other words, condition based maintenance is not a simple maintenance link, but a whole process management that must be paid attention to in all links of the whole life cycle of the equipment. There are two aspects that need special attention: on the one hand, it is to ensure that the equipment is in a healthy state at the beginning, and it should not have congenital deficiencies before it is put into operation. As a decision-making technology of equipment maintenance, the goal of condition based maintenance is to determine the appropriate time for maintenance. On the other hand, before the operation of the equipment, we should have a clear understanding of the equipment and grasp as much information as possible. Including nameplate data, type test and special test data, delivery test data, delivery test data and handover test data of all components, construction records and other information

2.2 pay attention to the statistical analysis of equipment operation status

count the equipment status, guide the condition maintenance work, and pay attention to ensuring the safety of the system and equipment

apply new technology to monitor and test the equipment, and accurately grasp the state of the equipment. It is necessary to carry out condition based maintenance and adopt a large number of new technologies. However, the development of monitoring technology is a very difficult work, which can not be solved overnight. At present, the monitoring technology is not mature enough to meet the needs of condition based maintenance, we should make full use of mature offline monitoring devices and technologies, such as infrared thermal imaging technology, transformer oil and gas chromatography test, etc., to test the equipment, so as to analyze the state of the equipment and ensure the safety of the equipment and system

make great efforts in the management of equipment and strive to achieve the close combination of management and technology. Establish and improve the qualitative compilation of equipment defect classification, timely carry out complete and accurate revision work, and fully consider the application of new equipment, the emergence of new operation conditions and the application of advanced testing equipment; Each department shall analyze the defect management work of the Department once a month and summarize it every year. The focus of the analysis is the causes of frequent defects. If necessary, it shall be approved by the leader in charge of technology of the unit and reported to the corresponding technical transformation project

based on the above basis, the existing production management information system should be applied to make innovations and breakthroughs in production management. The production management system takes equipment assets as the core and takes the safe and reliable operation of equipment as the main line, covering the disciplines of substation operation and maintenance, test, relay protection, dispatching and safety supervision, and involves the operation and maintenance management of power transmission equipment, substation operation management, equipment grading management, maintenance plan and management of substation equipment and protective devices that make the use of products quieter and more durable, management of various operation tickets and work tickets Computer integrated management information system for equipment insulation and chemical test management, equipment defect management, etc. Moreover, the analysis and statistical functions of the system should be used to provide more efficient information for the condition based maintenance of equipment. For example, the number of times the circuit breaker cuts off the short-circuit current, the number of times the transformer withstands the short-circuit impact, the time of equipment maintenance, the development trend of equipment test results in history, and so on

2.3 formulating a perfect condition based maintenance workflow

implementing condition based maintenance on substation equipment is a change in the concept of professional management. To change the traditional professional management mode, we must have perfect management system and technical requirements

according to the collected status information, the status of the substation equipment is scored, and the scoring value can basically judge the health status of the equipment, which can be used as the basis for prolonging or shortening the maintenance cycle. The information on which the equipment status is scored is called status information. It mainly includes operating conditions, pre-test data, defects, maintenance, monitoring data, family defects, etc. For the health status of the equipment, 2. Performance characteristics of high and low temperature experimental machine: scoring, at present, the method of comprehensive analysis and weighted calculation is adopted, the percentage system evaluation is implemented, the weighting coefficient is reasonably selected for some important state information, and the accuracy and efficiency of the analysis work are improved through analysis and calculation. (the reference period is the test period listed in dl/t "preventive test procedures for electrical equipment")

the core of equipment condition based maintenance management is how to formulate economic and reasonable maintenance and test plans based on the results of equipment condition evaluation. The purpose of equipment maintenance is to eliminate equipment defects through maintenance, restore the design capacity and output of the equipment, and ensure the stable and reliable operation of the equipment in the maintenance cycle. In this regard, we should actively explore, combine the safety evaluation, anti seasonal preventive measures, anti accident technical measures, and the items related to maintenance and improvement in the safety measures plan, preliminarily form some condition based maintenance principles and regulations, produce the test and major and minor maintenance plan based on the concept of equipment condition based maintenance, and carry out condition based maintenance on the equipment, so as to achieve a targeted goal, reduce the blindness of maintenance work, and greatly reduce the maintenance time, Improve the availability of equipment. The substation area of Hejian Electric Power Bureau has tried out the management of equipment condition based maintenance since 2002, and has gradually improved the condition based maintenance system in recent years. The system stipulates the principles, parameters, selection and maintenance of state information, test strategies, etc. of condition based maintenance, and comprehensively standardizes and guides the work of equipment condition based maintenance

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