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"Research and practice of school enterprise dual Higher Vocational Adult education quality management mechanism

"Zhongwei adult education must adapt to the deepening reform and development of Zhongwei's economy and society". With the transformation of the concept and connotation of adult education, the traditional level-up adult education model has not adapted to the needs of the economy and Society for talents. Under the guidance of the strategy of developing education around the family and the human background of education reform, Zhejiang electromechanical vocational and technical college, under the guidance and support of the Department of education of Zhejiang Province, passed the "Dual system" adult higher vocational education reform pilot, and actively explore "School enterprise dual" adult education mode, reform and innovate the operation mechanism of adult education teaching quality management, so as to improve the teaching quality of adult higher vocational education.

the teaching management of Higher Vocational Adult education can be summarized as: according to the objective laws and characteristics of higher Vocational Adult Education, according to the requirements of talent training objectives of Higher Vocational Adult Education, the teaching activities are planned, arranged, controlled, supervised and fully implemented Cheng. Its teaching management operation mechanism refers to the basic procedures and means to ensure the effective operation of the main objectives of teaching work, which is generally integrated by decision-making mechanism, work promotion mechanism, regulation mechanism, supervision feedback mechanism and evaluation mechanism. This mechanism has an internal connection, and they form a fit fire system, which works together in teaching management activities to achieve the expected goals. This paper focuses on the regulation mechanism, supervision and feedback mechanism and evaluation mechanism

1 the necessity of teaching management operation reform under the "dual system" adult higher vocational education mode

1.1 the "dual system" talent training mode of adult higher vocational education for job groups

"dual system" highlights enterprise talent training and skill training, which is in line with the characteristics of skilled talent training of Higher Vocational Adult Education. In the reform of Adult Higher Vocational Education in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang electromechanical vocational and technical college is learning from Germany Based on the "dual system", the "dual system" education mode of adult higher vocational education towards job groups is proposed.

the management system of the "dual system" talent training mode of adult education for job groups is composed of the school enterprise cooperation Steering Committee, the adult education teaching management office, the teaching department and the post module training working group. The teaching plan of "dual system" adult higher vocational education should take the cultivation of students' professional ability as the main line, the second level of national vocational standards as the reference, combine the job requirements of enterprises with the growth and development of students, and both schools and enterprises should jointly determine the training objectives and systematically formulate teaching modules. The teaching module is divided into centralized teaching module and post training module. The centralized teaching module is composed of basic knowledge module, basic technology module and special technology module. The on-the-job training and training module is composed of skill training projects jointly arranged by the school and the enterprise according to the actual production of the enterprise and the training contents in the national vocational qualification standards. The centralized teaching module is jointly implemented by teachers and engineering technicians appointed by both schools and enterprises; The on-the-job training module is implemented by the enterprise's engineering technicians and instructors appointed by the enterprise during the cattle production process

1.2 the necessity of innovation of teaching quality management mechanism under the "dual system" adult higher vocational education mode

"dual system" adult higher vocational talent training mode, fengruo enterprises and schools are closely combined to run schools together. It is not practical to learn without the classroom teaching of enterprises to help prolong the service life of equipment and make you confident in equipment operation. It is difficult to cultivate real high skilled talents without the enterprise practice of theoretical knowledge. Due to the particularity of Higher Vocational Adult education objects, practical teaching is closer to the reality of production work. As a bridge between theoretical knowledge and operational skills, practical teaching of Higher Vocational Adult education enables students to learn 2. In an environment without vibration and corrosive media around; Students can develop not only in theory, but also in post skills. Moreover, the combination of theory and practice can speed up students' digestion, understanding and mastery of theoretical knowledge, accelerate the process of theoretical teaching, and enhance the effect of theoretical teaching. Therefore, the whole teaching management and teaching process control involve enterprises and schools, so it is necessary to innovate the teaching management operation mechanism with dual characteristics and form a perfect series of teaching management systems

2 innovative practice of "school enterprise dual" adult higher vocational education quality management mechanism

Zhejiang electromechanical vocational and Technical College "dual system" adult higher vocational education quality management operation mechanism innovation, following the idea of total quality management, established and improved the teaching quality monitoring and guarantee mechanism. The teaching quality monitoring system is actually a quality management operation system that manages the whole process of teaching work, implements it in an all-round way, and involves all staff. It is an effective mechanism to ensure the continuous improvement of teaching quality and strengthen self-discipline

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