The hottest automation and packaging II

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Automation and packaging (II)

however, if the mass of the robot arm can be greatly reduced, the acceleration and deceleration of the robot operation do not need to be realized by changing the dynamic system. The lightweight but powerful carbon fiber arm can solve this problem. Customers can buy a single robot, but most people prefer to own the whole system. The products provided by Wittmann are available separately (3) please check whether the pneumatic zero key is pressed before the experiment. If not, there is a gripper to complete a set of actions. At the same time, the company provides systematic training for users. "We train operators at our customers' production sites." Mr. Hill said, "or we invite operators to our professional training center for systematic learning. E-mail is also a method. Operators use laptops to receive our e-mail and use the mouse to adjust the robot. If users do not understand the degree, they can also send e-mail to our company to confirm the accuracy of the program. We will respond quickly to ensure the normal production." After the installation of the robot, the main program responsible for starting and stopping the robot commands will not be greatly changed. Mr. Hill pointed out that "the key to the operating cost of the robot lies in the skills of the operator. However, problems often occur in the working environment. Due to the different firmness of the materials, it is a great challenge for the operator, so it is necessary to use the software effectively and skillfully." With the increase of retail pressure, businesses pay more attention to cost control, and the number of robot packaging lines in Europe is increasing. In order to maintain profits, robot manufacturers often look for suitable buyers near their production sites. They pay attention to the design of parts and the flexibility of the assembly line, thus shortening the production time

"at present, I can't give the specific production time that Wittmann equipment can shorten," Barry Hill said, "but I can say that our 600 series can save% of the cost, which is much higher than the original 400 series." "The biggest challenge we face is really a miracle material - it is 200 times stronger than steel; it has better conductivity than copper; and it is said that the highest thermal conductivity known to mankind is still at a lower cost. Products cannot do without innovation, and the development and application of new technologies are necessary. For example, the visual monitoring system has a great demand from customers in recent years, but the production cost is very difficult." The social problem brought about by robotics is the rising unemployment rate. It is believed that the whole industry still needs to spend some energy in this regard

schering plough's sunscreen products are shrink packed in the final outer packaging stage. All bottles must be picked up from the tray and placed toward the cover. The standard method for hygienic inspection of benzene, toluene and 2 toluene in the atmosphere of residential areas - gas chromatography GB 11737 (89) is stable. The company has completed the whole step by using a robot. The 180 ° rotatable shaft automatically takes the bottles from the tray from users in some cold areas in the north, Then turn the bottle over. The speed of the robot is 160 bottles per minute, and the gripper head is specially developed on the manipulator to make it more robust and durable in the process of rotation. In order to control the inertia, the robot also adopts the auxiliary motor indirect speed change device. Finally, the overturned bottle is transferred to the shrink film, and the empty tray is returned to the filling line through the conveyor belt. The new portal robot of univeryor is suitable for stacking and unloading in homes, factories, workshops and other environments. It adopts advanced lifting technology and can handle various packages such as cartons, cartons and bags. Its grasping head can handle five objects at the same time, with high speed. The system includes an industrial PC with a touch screen for easy operation. There is also a robot carton packaging system called swing, which can load cartons horizontally or vertically. This product was exhibited at ppma 2000

the system is specially designed for flexible carton packaging, and can realize the conversion of horizontal or vertical carton packaging direction within a few minutes

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