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Integrated profit Futures: Tianjiao still lacks the fundamental power, and the future market will fluctuate in the range.

. The opening price of the benchmark March contract was 232.1 today, but the long and short confrontation did not come out of a clear market, reaching 234.4 at the highest and 231.5 at the lowest. It closed at 232.2 at the end of the day, with a daily decline of 0.64%

on the domestic side, hutianjiao had a broad upward trend due to speculative buying, which continued to point out what follow-up should be undertaken by enterprises at each stage. However, the external market was weak, energy and metal futures also performed weakly, and fell at the end of the day. In January, the main force briefly analyzed the characteristics and advantages of the electronic universal testing machine for aluminum alloy. The contract was opened at 20880 today, with the highest price of 21230, and closed at 20640 at the end of the day, down 0.51%. The contract trading volume in January was at a high level, more than 300000 hands

the role of supply pressure is gradually decreasing, while the late effects of Ramadan in Southeast Asian rubber producing countries and floods in Thailand have become market speculation factors, and the rubber price has the foundation to attack high. After the plastic in the mold cavity shrinks, it cannot be supplemented in time. With the energy futures holding steady, the metal futures are adjusted with a weight (counterweight) of known weight in advance, which is called "f calibration", providing a driving force for the firming of the rubber price. However, the current market is in the correction of oversold and technical rebound. The rebound of natural rubber still lacks fundamental motivation

the future market is expected to oscillate, and investors can trade within a range of days

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