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Automation exchange conference Suzhou manufacturing speed up intelligent packaging automation

Guide: Suzhou manufacturing will speed up intelligent automatic packaging. Yesterday, Suzhou Jiachuang group and jsk (Hong Kong) jointly held the first industrial automation strategy exchange meeting with a number of enterprises, and launched the drive series winding machine, a key new product developed by Jiachuang jsk for nearly two years

intelligent winding technology is the development trend of the large packaging industry. In the past two years, Jiachuang jsk has made great efforts to use big data analysis to provide solutions for exploring intelligent winding machines. The independently developed drive series winding machines have absorbed the advantages of winding machines at home and abroad, and made improvements and innovations in various technical functions. It has an automatic film cutting system, which can automatically wind the film on the goods without manually placing the goods. After the packaging is completed, the film is automatically cut off, saving labor and continuous operation. It is called a revolution of the winding machine

as a class 1 innovative design method, the constant force film discharge system avoids the carton corner depression and cargo damage caused by the traditional winding machine packaging, and ensures that products of any shape can be easily packaged. The pre draw ratio of up to 350% ensures that the cargo is more tightly wound, and saves more packaging materials. The new winding machine rope system has enhanced the tightness of PPS, peek, PI, high temperature resistant PA products and pallets, so as to avoid the products from sliding off the pallets and the damage to the bottom packaging of the goods when the forklift reaches 13.07 billion yuan. The innovative silent chassis adopts non friction rubber guide rail, which is silent in the whole process, with unlimited revolutions and longer service life. Equipped with intelligent remote control device, forklift workers do not need to get off the truck. They can complete the full-automatic packaging with one click, saving labor

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